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UPS Systems - Mitsubishi 9900 Series

Mitsubishi 9900 Series

The 9900 series UPS is available in capacities of 80, 100, 160,  225, 300, 500, and 750 KVA. They are designed for stand-alone operation or as a parallel system with up to four-unit configurations. All without the requirement of special switchgear cabinet.

With Power Factory ratings of 0.9PF for the 80-225kVA size and 1.0PF for the 300-750kVA size the 9900 series has can provide the power that other competitor's units can not provide.

The 9900 Series UPS incorporates the newest IGBT technology in an UPS. This IGBT technology is used in the rectifier/converter, DC/DC chopper, and the inverter sections of the UPS. By using this new IGBT technology the 9900's double-conversion topology provides an AC/DC/AC efficiency of 96.5% or greater at loads from 50% to 100%. Even at 20% loading, the efficiency remains greater than 94%. This is 10% to 20% better than current industry systems, making the 9900 excellent for N+1 parallel systems where system loads are typically 30-40% of system capacity.

These units will pay for themselves in energy savings in a relative short time as compared to other competitors models.

Download Click Here for the full 9900A 80-225kVA Brochure. (1MB)

Download Click Here for the full 9900B Brochure. (1MB)

I.965 Power Factor = the Most Efficient UPS on the Market.
Special Features of the Mitsubishi 9900A UPS include:

System Expansion with the addition of UPS modules is required if future load demand becomes apparent. For most MMS available today, the reverse scenario of System Reduction with the capability of utilizing the removed UPS module is not possible without UPS module modification.
With the Mitsubishi Electric MMS, not only System Expansion but also System Reduction is possible, with the capability to utilize the removed UPS module for Single Module System (SMS) applications, because each Mitsubishi 9900A UPS module has independent static bypass and control circuitry. This System Expansion and Reduction capability results in a highly flexible system configuration.

Reduced footprint and weight for the Mitsubishi 9900A UPS

Mitsubishi Electric is the leading manufacturer of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT). IGBTs are utilized in the 9800AD Series UPS Systems. These advanced, high-performance transistors provide a variety of intelligent features:

  • 80kVA, 480 VAC/VDC, 27,6" wide x 32.5" deep x 80.6" high, 882 lbs.
  • 100kVA, 480 VAC/VDC, 27,6" wide x 32.5" deep x 80.6" high, 882 lbs.
  • 150kVA, 480 VAC/VDC, 35.4" wide x 32.5" deep x 80.6" high, 1,146 lbs.
  • 225kVA, 480 VAC/VDC, 35.4" wide x 32.5" deep x 80.6" high, 1,235 lbs.

Mitsubishi 9900A IGBT Technology

Mitsubishi 9900A IGBT Technology
Mitsubishi Electric is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced, high performance Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT). Mitsubishi utilized their IGBT market expertise by incorporating IGBT technology in the converter and inverter sections of the Mitsubishi 9900A Series. These advanced, high performance transistors provide a variety of intelligent features, including: Large power capabilities Low control power consumption High speed switching • Generator compatible Low input current THD Low audible noise



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